ASSET Emergency

LED Solid State Lighting

Classification C0 = D63  C90 = D50


Body 6000 Series Extruded Aluminium
Lens Advanced High Impact, UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
Frosted Diffuser or 60° Optical Lens
Injection Moulded Polymer Components For Durability & Long Life
Mounting Variable Mounting Positions Along Spine
Stainless Steel Mounting Clips
Stainless Steel Over-Lock Clip For Vibration & Adverse Weather Conditions
Control Gear Built-in Matching LED Drivers
  • Australian Made, High Thermal Transmission Heat Sink
  • All Fittings Supplied with 5 Core Flex


Electrical Specifications

Model Length (L) LED Lumens Voltage (V) Current (I) Circuit Power
FPA 08148EM 830mm 1x48W 5880 lm 240v 0.33A 54W:λ0.98
FPA 11172EM 1110mm 1x72W 8820 lm 240v 1.00A 150W:λ0.98
FPA 08248EM 830mm 2x48W 11760 lm 240v 0.68A 102W:λ0.98
Emergency Pod   2x3W   240v   0.4W
Specify When Ordering - Medium Beam - 600 Lens
- Wide Beam - Diffused Lens

Emergency Lighting Pod

Classification C0 = D63  C90 = D50
Batteries: Lithium Ion 3.3Volt 2.5 Ah
Standards: Emergency Lumen Output In Accordance With AS2293.1


CCT: Standard 4000K; Optional 3000K, 5000K, 6000K
DALI Dimmable Options